Tales from Pasifika

‘Secret Shopper’ is a first novel written by Tanya Taimanglo. It’s a romantic comedy that follows a young woman whose whole universe is suddenly turned upside down.



Life is not always a fairytale, and Phoenix certainly knows that. When Bradley, her high school sweetheart husband, calmly tells her their marriage is over, she realizes there’s absolutely nothing she can do to change that. But she may do something else – she can start again from scratch and rebuild her own little world.

With a positive encouragement from her best friend, Nix gets a grip and becomes a true goddess she was always meant to be. She begins to enjoy life and thrive in her job as a secret shopper. While on assignment, she meets a handsome man whose charm is impossible to resist.


At first glance this book may seem like a typical light-hearted romance, where two people…

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